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Kiss Fish T-shirt

$16.95 USD $38.95 USD

- A totally lovely Tee to show your Kitty love -

Kitties are full of love and we all know that, now you can share that adorableness with the world through this cute design. On top of that, this white T-shirt comes in a UNIQUE design with a tender fabric...You will want to wear it everyday!

Features and Benefits:

  • A super-comfortable tender blend you will want to wear everyday.
  • A Fashionable Tee for your everyday life, featuring a cute cat and a fish sharing Kawaii love!
  • A powerful message of cute love between species.

Hurry up and get it now Hooman, we are closing this promotion really soon!

This product delivery can take from 1 - 4 weeks depending on the location. Find more information about this here.